Van Rental (cargo or passenger)

Vans are great for moving weather sensitive items. With rear wide angle doors, back-up camera, high ceilings and a large sliding door, you can easily lift and move around the cargo.

SUV Rental

The SUV is perfect for roadtrips, weddings or city tours. When you don't need a large van and would like more features, the 2019 Expedition is the perfect choice.

Ford Transit Cargo Wichita, KS

Save Time and Money

Renting allows you to capitalize on all the advantages of using a truck or trailer, with none of the financial burdens. There's no need to store, insure, maintain or own a vehicle when we make renting so easy!

High Quality and Clean

We offer the newest and cleanest fleet of rental vehicles in Wichita, KS. Each vehicle is serviced per manufacturer standards, ensuring you don't have inconvenient breakdowns. We also inspect and clean each vehicle prior to scheduled rentals so your experience is enjoyable and pleasant. All of our rates are upfront and transparent with no hidden fees. E-mail us today at


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